Brand Awareness Case Study

Brand Awareness Case Study

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How Elevated REM Leveraged Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

In today's business world, the days of traditional marketing are long gone, it's all about social media. If you're not using social media to increase brand awareness for your business, you're missing out.

Just ask Suneet Agarwal with Best Sac Homes Group or Tristan Ahumada of A Brilliant Tribe- they used Elevated REM's social media services to improve their online presence. As a result, they've seen a significant uptick in web traffic and new leads. Here's how we did it. . .

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The Clients

Suneet Agarwal is the CEO at Best Sac Homes Group at Big Block Realty North. He has an incredible team of experienced, licensed real estate agents serving the Greater Sacramento area. Tristan Ahumada operates A Brilliant Tribe as its CEO, consults Fortune 500 companies, runs a successful Real Estate team in California, expands brokerages in the US, is the owner of one Brokerage, and is also an international speaker. 


The Goal

Both of these clients were looking to retarget their existing client databases but were also ready to broaden their communities and introduce themselves to wider audiences. While these two clients had been using traditional channels for running campaigns, they hadn’t explored leveraging targeted social media campaigns. But when it came time to increase their online visibility and expand their reach over social media, they knew a level of expertise beyond their own was needed. 

That’s when they turned to Elevated REM. They understood that in order to become more competitive players in today’s market, they need to up their social media game. Through our expertise, we devised a strategy that would increase their video views, post engagement, likes, comments, followers, etc. to their pages in order to grow their social media following and increase awareness of their brands.

The EREM Strategy

Elevated REM was sought out to help both clients build their social media presence. We did this by creating and managing targeted campaigns, developing email marketing strategies, developing creative content, tracking the results of each campaign, and more. The Best Sac Homes Group at Big Block Realty North website was in need of a revamp, so we advised them on how to improve their website design to optimize visitor experience.


We also worked with these clients to define their target audiences. Once their target audiences were dialed in, we did extensive research on potential prospects and identified a list of real estate clients that could be targeted. Based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the first campaign we then utilized those metrics from omni-channel advertising to leverage multiple digital assets, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, website design, and more.

By creating and managing comprehensive social media campaigns, we increased their presence on all major platforms. This included developing creative content that was engaging, informative, and optimized to grow their social presence. We tracked each campaign’s results so that we could adjust our strategy and continue to drive engagement.

The Results

We developed a marketing strategy that leveraged segmentation, personalization, and other tactics to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign. As a result, these two clients were able to increase their online visibility and grow their reach to new audiences, drastically increasing awareness of their brands. 

Tristan's TikTok Metrics:

  • Video Views: 1,266,317
  • Post Engagement: 42,706
  • Likes: 21,791
  • Followers: 12,283
  • Link Clicks: 3,177
  • Impressions: 1,326,688
  • Reach: 825,710
  • Conversions: 1,387
  • Total Ad Spend on Tik Tok: 7,929.59 USD


Tristan's Youtube Metrics:

  • Impressions: 5.13 Million
  • Video Views: 405K
  • Clicks: 9.5K
  • Avg CPV: $0.10
  • Total Ad Spend: $38K



Suneet's TikTok Metrics:

  • Video Views: 6,150,012
  • Post Engagement: 40,971
  • Likes: 14,541
  • Followers: 2,088
  • Link Clicks: 6,608
  • Impressions: 6,490,220
  • Reach: 705,306
  • Total Ad Spend on Tik Tok: 20,814.29 USD



Suneet's Facebook & Instagram Metrics:

  • Video Views: 2,149,169
  • Post Engagement: 1,104,622
  • Link Clicks: 100,393
  • Impressions: 6,701,366
  • Reach: 707,666
  • Total Ad Spend on FB/IG: $68,539.22



Suneet's Youtube Metrics:

  • Impressions: 2.18 Million
  • Video Views: 316K
  • Clicks: 3.27K
  • Avg CPV: $0.05
  • Total Ad Spend: $15.4K

Thanks to Elevated REM’s expertise in social media, content marketing, email campaigns, and website design consultation, these two clients now have a competitive edge in today’s market through social media campaigns that are tailored to their individual needs.

By continuing to build upon these strategies over time, they will be able to continue to grow. With Elevated REM’s help, businesses can make sure they are staying ahead of the competition.

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