The Perfect Funnel

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The Perfect Funnel

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Accomplishes three different objectives that will allow you to dominate your market and earn more business for decades.

PRICE: $1,497 per month + 10% of ad spend

Lead Generation: Leveraging strategies to increase your database will provide a sustainable flow of fresh new prospects. You can then keep them engaged with text, email and retargeting campaigns that not only show ads but also offer valuable educational content as well as entertaining experiences.

An effective retargeting campaign can have a dramatic impact on persuading potential clients to work with you. By projecting yourself as an authority figure, and consistently fostering familiarity through high frequency content exposure, customers will develop trust over time. This creates the necessary frame of mind for successful conversions at higher rates than ever before!

Brand Awareness: Establishing a strong presence in your local area is an essential part of building that celebrity-like status. A savvy digital mayor strategy can put you on the map - showcasing activities and events, providing video tours, discussing educational topics and more. All this positions you as the go-to real estate company for locals to work with!

Boost local brand visibility with the power of video. Bringing viewers in is just step 1 - then, leverage powerful retargeting capabilities to convert those impressions into leads by delivering tailored offers based on how much they've watched (10 seconds? 25% or 50%). Put the power of two-way engagement at your fingertips!

Re-marketing/Nurturing: Keep your contacts happy and engaged. Not only should you reach out to friends and family, but keep track of every past connection too - that means potential new clients! With this information at-hand, use targeted ads across campaigns for maximum exposure opportunities with the same reliable audience.

Leverage the content you have to show your sphere of influence that you're a reliable real estate brand! 64% of business is generated through referrals, so strengthen relationships and optimize word-of-mouth marketing for maximum success.

An effective funnel campaign like this is a long-term investment that will continue to drive business growth over the years.

Campaign Includes:

  • The Perfect Funnel Includes Running Ads on Facebook & Instagram
  • 1 Campaign, 1 Brand/Company
  • 2 Top of the Funnel Ads (Lead Generation)
  • 4 Top of the Funnel Ads (Brand Awareness)
  • 4 Middle of the Funnel Ads (Remarketing)
  • Audience Creation & Segmentation.
  • Re-Targeting Strategy & Implementation.
  • Custom Animated Ads.
  • Custom Sales Copy.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Bi-monthly Progress Reports.
  • Dedicated Slack Communication Channel.

How It Works:

Sign up and you'll receive a welcome email from us with links to kick off your onboarding process. You will then be personally invited to your private communication channel, as well as a shared folder where you host all of your campaign assets. During onboarding you will schedule your Discovery call where your campaign team will meet directly with you to discuss your desired campaign outcome. 

Your subscription is month to month, you can cancel at any time. 

You will be billed again every 30 days until canceled. You will automatically be billed the monthly management fee, as well as the previous month's ad spend, with the card on file.  

For billing questions please email or contact your team via your dedicated Slack Channel.