Recruitment Case Study - Sanders Team Realty

Recruitment Case Study - Sanders Team Realty

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How Elevated REM leveraged Facebook & TikTok Lead Generation to increase Sanders Team Realty agent recruitment.

The real estate industry is booming and there is a growing demand for experienced agents. However, recruiting new agents can be a challenge. This case study will show you how our team was able to generate recruitment leads for a real estate brokerage that was looking to grow its team of qualified agents.

The Client

The Sanders Team, located in Woodstock, GA, is the #3 real estate team in America. Their emphasis on company culture, cutting-edge technology, and agent support makes them an attractive team for both new and experienced agents./Revised- Sanders Team Realty, Located in Woodstock, GA, is the #3 real estate team in America. Their emphasis on serving the needs of their clients, their team-based approach, their commitment to excellence, and their 5 star rating on Zillow and Trulia makes them a team all agents of different levels want to be a part of. 

The Goal

They were having a hard time finding agents to recruit, and traditional recruiting methods were becoming obsolete. They recognized that they needed a higher level of expertise to take their business to the next level. That’s when they came to/turned to Elevated REM.

  • Increase recruitment leads from advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok/all social media platforms
  • Increase lead rate from e-mail marketing automation set up and optimization
  • Optimize geolocation targeting to focus recruitment generation in a small geographical area

The Approach

A crucial element to managing successful paid ads is to make sure that the strategic plan for every stage of the funnel is completely mapped out. Having a well-organized funnel will make the entire process more streamlined and efficient. This is why its fundamental to first figure out what people want and then launch each stage accordingly.

At the start, this clients monthly budget was $1000's, we planned out their custom strategy accordingly/to leverage their budget by starting with brand awareness. This would allow us to generate enough audiences that would then feed the other stages of the funnel. 

We started with what we call the “Top of the Funnel" audiences. In order to find new agents, we used a prospecting approach to target anyone within a 20 middle radius using a wide open geolocation. We raised brand awareness using video creatives and still image creatives. This built up the video views, social engagement, and website retargeting. 

We also now had enough data from our Top of the Funnel efforts that we were able to create Lookalike audiences. These campaigns are designed to consistently bring in new agent leads to the funnel so our ads, and our e-mail marketing flows can do their job.

The next step, was to build out the "Middle of the Funnel" audiences. This is anyone who visited the website, engaged with any ads on Instagram and Facebook, video views, visited a Facebook Page, etc. Our aim was to encourage these people/audiences to book an appointment with Sanders Team Realty so they could close the deal/recruit new agents. 

One of our approaches/growth strategies/reach strategies was to target people/ audiences with ads that featured new agents that had signed up to be part of their brokerage team. By doing this we were able to personalize retargeting to anyone who visited the page but didn’t fill out their application which turned into lead conversion at a lower Cost Per Acquisition cost.

After we built out the TOF and MOF, we then built out their e-mail flow automation. We created a follow up email flow to foster the email sequence to nurture leads that submitted their information. These types of flows have been known to amplify the success of ads, so it was crucial that we fine-tuned them before running any paid traffic campaigns.

Flow Created:

  • New Recruitment Application Flow

We are continuing to scale these campaigns and are expected to continue generating quality agent recruitment leads for their team.

Using the tried-and-true methods and experience of the Elevated REM team, the Sanders Team has been able to generate more leads, recruit more agents, and substantially increase their monthly recurring revenue.

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