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Facebook Marketing & AI Coaching

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Limited Spots Available - $497 per month

3-Month Coaching Experience with Travis Thom. 

Embark on a transformative business journey in an intensive 3-month group coaching program designed to skyrocket your social media advertising prowess. Meet once a week for an hour, delve into real-time learning sessions encompassing Facebook marketing strategies, creative copywriting, campaign setup, current marketing trends, lead generation, and retargeting. 

Join the group's engaging Slack community, fostering a collaborative environment for continuous learning, feedback, and strategy refinement. Your marketing journey doesn't end at the close of each weekly session; the calls are recorded and shared for your revisit and deeper understanding. 

Moreover, explore the power of AI in marketing as you're taught best practices with AI tools, learning how to leverage them to reclaim your time and amplify your results. 

With a blend of live coaching, community engagement, and a rich repository of resources, this program is your gateway to mastering the digital advertising realm under the mentorship of Travis Thom. 

$497 per month, automatic cancellation after 3 months.